30+ Mocha Dessert Recipes

30+ Mocha Dessert Recipes

A pairing as perfect as chocolate and coffee begs to be featured in some of the best dessert recipes, and that’s just what these are! In this roundup, I highlight 30+ inspired mocha dessert recipes. From mocha pies to chocolate espresso cakes, and everything in between, coffee and chocolate are the stars!

What Really is a Mocha Dessert?

Quite simply, these desserts all feature that classic combination of chocolate and coffee found in a mocha beverage at your favorite coffee shop. Some recipes are made with instant espresso, while others are made with fresh espresso. Some ingredient lists include a strongly brewed cup of coffee or maybe a little instant coffee. But, all of the recipes in this roundup highlight chocolate in its many forms: cocoa powder, chocolate shavings, or chocolate chips; and, these mocha dessert recipes feature milk, dark, and even white chocolate. Whether you’re looking for a decadent breakfast treat or a grand finale to a fancy dinner, I have you covered.

How to Choose Your Favorite Mocha Dessert?

The mocha dessert recipes featured here span the simple to the elaborate and the health-forward to the downright indulgent. I included mocha dessert recipes for all seasons and all times of the day. Dessert for breakfast is a thing! Plus, this list includes gluten-free mocha desserts as well as dairy-free mocha desserts. I promise one thing; it’ll be hard to choose just one!

My favorite? Cappuccino Flats (Chocolate-Dipped Mocha Cookies) are ever-loved, and are especially fun if you have young helpers in the kitchen looking to lend a hand.

cappuccino flats chocolate-dipped mocha cookies - best mocha dessert recipe

30+ of the Best Mocha Dessert Recipes

Coffee-Less Chocolate Dessert Ideas

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