Let’s cook together

Welcome to Lane Bakery. I’m Diana Lane: avid baker, cookbook reader and photographer. I’m passionate about inspiring others to discover the joy of creating scratch-made pastries and seasonal dishes. Here you’ll find a collection of my favorite recipes, along with anecdotes about how they fit into my life in the kitchen, cooking and entertaining friends and family. I’m so glad you’re here! I hope you’ll find many new favorite seasonally-inspired recipes to make for your loved ones.

in-season strawberry

Food philosophy:

Eat with the seasons

Produce tastes best when it’s in season and is more nutritious. A study at Montclair State University found in-season broccoli to have twice the vitamin C content of that imported out-of-season! Besides, it just feels right to make strawberry shortcake in the summer and pumpkin ravioli in the fall.

Support locally-grown food

Locally-grown foods often contain more nutrients as they are picked closer to home and don’t spend weeks in transit on its way to your kitchen. Local produce can also be picked when ripe as opposed to being picked before it’s ready, to accommodate lengthy freight.

Foods from local growers tend to be from smaller farms, which often use fewer herbicides and pesticides than larger, industrialized farms.

Lastly, choosing local food has a positive impact on our environment. Reducing the distance food travels from farmer to consumer reduces CO2 emissions. Green spaces are also preserved when local farms are supported.

Choose organic or “no-spray” when at all possible

I dream of a future where demand for organic produce far outweighs that of conventional produce. To realize this, we have to vote with our dollars and support organic agriculture. Organic agriculture, that produced without the use of synthetic herbicides and pesticides, improves the health of farmers, our bodies, water systems and overall ecosystem. In addition, when we purchase organic food, it guarantees the food has not been grown with the use of GMOs, or genetically modified organisms.

Dinner for dinner and dessert for dessert

Since these are the recipes I’m feeding my family and friends, I want them to be nourishing. For example, most of the breakfast pastries I make include whole-grains and aren’t laden with sugar. You’d be surprised how much sugar you can cut out without compromising results. But, as many of you know, there’s always room for dessert in our house!



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