Christmas Cookie Gift Ideas

Christmas Cookie Gift Ideas

Diana’s Christmas Cookie Plate

I noticed the arrival of Christmas trees shining through neighbor’s windows earlier than ever this year, as well as an unprecedented extravagance to outside Christmas light displays around town. There’s a definite longing for the joy and hope of the Christmas season.

I’m extra excited to put together a spread of cookies this year. I’m not sure there’s anything better than an assortment of homemade cookies in varying flavors, shapes and sizes. With the distancing from family and friends ongoing, could anything be better than sharing a Christmas cookie gift with loved ones this season? What a festive way to spread joy (in a safe way!) as we usher in Christmas. Plus, baking Christmas cookies is just plain fun and gives my kids and me something special to do as we’re home more.

These Christmas Cookie gift ideas are sure to round out any cookie plans you have during the advent season. If you make any of the cookies featured on my cookie plate, be sure to leave a comment and give the recipe a rating! And of course, don’t forget to tag me on Instagram! I love seeing everything you create.

A few things to keep in mind when building a cookie plate:

Size Variations

It’s best to showcase a variety of shapes and sizes for visual interest. It’s also nice to have a smaller option for your third cookie of the evening. :0)

Flavor profiles

Important flavors to include: chocolate, fruit or jam, citrus, seasonal spices like ginger & cinnamon


Try to steer away from a sea of beige. Chocolate and cookies with molasses and plenty of spices naturally run darker; and fruit can add beautiful color too. Food coloring can also boost the color profiles, just be sure to use safe food coloring tints.

More Christmas Cookie Display Ideas

Arranging & Delivering Christmas Cookies Gifts

Holiday Tins

Small or medium size tins are nice for showcasing your beauties. They can also be reused next season.

“Gift-able” Holiday Plate

I also like the idea of gifting a small Christmas-themed plate to bestow your cookies upon. My mom’s neighbor does this every year, and my mom has collected a bunch of fun plates to use throughout the season.

Recyclable Containers

For an eco-friendly version, line a small cardboard box with parchment paper and present your cookies in a fully-recyclable container. Or, try out this DIY card stock paper box you can make at home.

Christmas cookies gift in a tin
Christmas cookie gift on a plate

Recipes for Cookies Featured in Diana’s Christmas Cookie Plate:

Swedish Tea Rings – Classic Jam Thumbprint Cookies
No-Chill Cinnamon-Sugar Cut-Out Cookies
Ultra-Thin Chocolate Chunk Cookies
Cardamom Cookies with Brown Butter Icing
Cappuccino Flats
Fresh Ginger Cookies

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